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Jacqui Kaese

"Darlene is a consummate professional. 
A devoted and dedicated actor who continually strives for greatness in her work. One who is loved by all who have had the pleasure of working with her."

Jacqui Kaese Spotlight Academy - Coach/Instructor/Casting Director



My Film Story

After spending almost 40 years as a marketing professional (International airlines and large-scale Real Estate developments) I turned my attention back to film after returning from 10 years of living and working in Loreto, BCS, Mexico.
I currently serve as
Vice President on the Board of  the South Island Film Commission, Past President of the Board of the Cinevic Independent Film Society, am and recently retired from the Board of Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV). I am an active member of the Victoria film community in various capacities.
My first foray into the film community on Vancouver Island began with extensive actor training at the Screen Actors Studio (David Simmonds) in the late-90’s. After some early success, my real estate career took me to Mexico full-time in 2003. Although I returned to Victoria in 2013, family health issues were my focus until 2015 when I re-entered the local film community.

Most recently, I portrayed Grandma Rose, a Supporting role in Hallmark's, Five More